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Divorces - The sad truth is that today, almost one half of all marriages end in divorce.  From the time of the marriage to the day the divorce is granted, the parties live as one unit and that unit accumulates assets, liabilities.  In addition, many divorcing couples have children under the age of 18 or who are still in high school – and all of their needs will have to be met and the respective rights of the divorced parents delineated, while maintaining the  childrens best interst as the focal point.  The divorce not only ends the marriage, but it also entails the process of dividing up the marriage accumulations.

The vast majority of divorces never go to trial; they are settled along the route. At the end of the day, everyone is better served if the parties can settle their differences without court involvement and head out to their new separate, lives. Believe it or not, the parties are more likely to settle with two good attorneys in the mix, than they are on their own.

Children - The most difficult task faced in divorces are the issues that relate to the children.  Provisions will have to be made relative to with which parent the children will primarily reside, what the non-custodial parent’s periods of possession will be, who will pay child support and how much, who will maintain medical insurance for the children, how the children’s uninsured medical expenses will be paid, how the children’s extracurricular activities will be handled.  Unfortunately, oftentimes, the children are the prize and the divorce arena the battleground.  The system is doing all in its power to attempt to protect the children from the parents’ fights, so common sense rules must often be established regarding how the parents must treat each other in the presence of the children and what parents may or may not say in the presence of the children. Most courts require the parents to take a parenting course for divorcing parents toward the end that they may learn new skills that will help to save the children. 

It is always important for divorcing parents to remember that children have rights.  (More on Children's rights.)


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